Following years of building expertise in the world of tree nuts and dried fruit, in which Molenbergnatie has become a reliable reference as a warehouse keeper and logistics service provider and NCP has developed into an absolute authority in cleaning, packaging and pest control treatment, we have decided to join forces in the Port of Antwerp.

In 2020, a completely new facility was built on the Molenbergnatie site in Antwerp, in which NCP Antwerp installed a manual sorting line for pistachios. With an initial capacity of 4,000 tonnes per year, both Molenbergnatie and NCP Antwerp aim to meet the growing demand for added-value services for tree nuts in Antwerp.

The logistics capabilities of Molenbergnatie on the one hand, and the cleaning expertise of NCP Antwerp on the other, offer the sector a wide range of possibilities. We are preparing for the next phase of our cooperation; namely, expanding the cleaning activities and setting up packaging activities for all tree nuts. We will gladly discuss any other services that may offer further added value to you.

If you see additional opportunities in this cooperation that you could benefit from, or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, free of obligation.