In January and May 2020, three audits were conducted at Nuts Cleaning & Packaging (NCP), including BRC Food standard, IFS Food standard and SKAL. The first two mentioned have obtained one of the highest levels. This means that the quality and food safety of the products are high level guaranteed during the entire process.


NCP has been in possession of the BRC certificate for several years, but has been awarded to BRC A level since May 2020. This means that no fundamental deviations were found during the audit and that the food safety standard has been implemented at a high level. The ambition of NCP is big according to Mark Klopstra: “Next year we hope to achieve BSC level A +, the audit will be unannounced and carried out by a third party.” In addition to BRC Food Standard, NCP achieved the highest attainable certificate of all IFS certifications, which is equal to the BRC standards. Both standards include strict food safety requirements. Mapping consumer risks in the food industry is performed according to the HACCP system. If there are food safety hazards there will be sufficient control measures. During the audit, the entire system is examined to determine that all identified risks are secured.


Without a SKAL certification, the products could not be treated and keep it’s biological status. This means that the processes of NCP comply within the regulations that have been drawn up for organic production. NCP has been BIO certified since August 2017 and has been updated since the beginning of January 2020.

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