International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste #IDAFLW

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, an estimated 13 percent of the world’s food is lost in the supply chain from post-harvest prior to retail. In times of rising hunger levels and increasing pressure on earth’s resources, that is a fact that is hard to digest.

Reflection on Food Loss and Waste #FLW

Is there a way around? A way to make sure that carefully produced food commodities actually do make it to retail after harvest? It is International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, so today, but actually every day, we reflect on the question how food loss and waste can be reduced.

Foreign materials in food commodities

No matter how good care passionate farmers and food processors take of their produce, moisture, insects and so-called foreign materials can lower the yield as well as the amount of food that actually makes it to retail. Let’s take a closer look at foreign materials, which are defined as any kind of outside contaminant introduced to a food product at any point in its production or distribution.

Cleaning services

Foreign materials are commonly found in commodities and may arise from equipment design flaws, structural issues, or employee handling. Glass is the one most reported in food. To avoid consumer injury and reputational damage and not least to prevent food waste, NCP offers cleaning services.

News: laser sorter for even more precise detection

Our state-of-the-art cleaning line helps get rid of food hazards and thus prevents food from getting wasted. The line’s main features include an aspirator, screens and an x-ray. The latter one especially fit to remove hard or sharp objects such as stones, metal, or glass, for that matter. What’s more, we have recently added a laser sorter, allowing for even more precise detection and a wider variety of foreign materials.


That’s how we play our role, however small, by adding to the supply chain our years of experience in reconditioning tree nuts. So that they do make it to retail.

People and planet

How may we be of service to you? So that, together, we can work towards the reduction of food loss and waste. And make a difference for the people, for the planet.

Because every day, every ounce counts…

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Processed in a peanut-free facility

In recent years food ingredients containing allergens have, rightly, been receiving increasing attention. Some of the most common foods to be allergic to are milk, eggs, sesame, fish, nuts and peanuts. Funny enough, nuts and peanuts are mentioned separately. You may wonder why. Is a peanut not automatically a nut then?

Well, when we say nuts we actually mean ‘tree nuts’. And peanuts, unlike for instance almonds and walnuts, don’t grow on trees. And even though ‘nut’ is in its name, and their nutritional composition is more similar to that of a tree nut, they are actually not nuts at all, but classified as grain legumes belonging to the family Leguminosae, also known as pulses.

Walnut tree
  Peanut plants

Grain legumes, or pulses, are excellent sources of protein and B vitamins. However, unlike peas and lentils for instance, peanuts contain certain protein molecules to which about 1-2% of the world’s population appear to be allergic. Major peanut allergen Ara h1 can contribute to a reaction as dangerous as an anaphylactic shock. The allergy is usually lifelong and has thus become a major health concern.

That is why label laws worldwide require food packages to list clearly on the ingredient label if the product is or contains peanut. Advisory labeling such as ‘Processed in a facility with peanuts’ is voluntary but not less important. Manufacturers may use these types of statements to indicate concerns that the allergen could be included unintentionally through cross contamination, even when the allergen is not an intended ingredient in the product. It can be dangerous to ignore the advisory warnings since even ‘traces’ of the allergen may cause severe allergic reactions.

In order to avoid any risk of cross contamination, NCP have created a peanut-free facility so that all tree nuts they clean and package are guaranteed to be 100% peanut free. What’s more, they are BRC, IFS and SKAL certified which make them your reliable partner when it comes to tree nut processing! Want to know how we can help you process your tree nuts in our peanut-free facility? Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized solution!

NCP Group en Molenbergnatie

Volgend op een jarenlange expertise in de wereld van de edelnoten en zuidvruchten, waarbij Molenbergnatie als logistiek magazijnhouder een betrouwbare referentie is geworden en waarbij NCP zich heeft ontwikkeld tot absolute autoriteit in de schoning, verpakking en ongediertebehandeling, hebben wij samen besloten om de krachten te bundelen in de Haven van Antwerpen.

Op de terreinen van Molenbergnatie in Antwerpen werd in 2020 een volledig nieuwe faciliteit gebouwd waarin NCP Antwerp een handsorteerlijn voor pistaches installeerde. Met een startcapaciteit van 4.000ton per jaar willen zowel Molenbergnatie als NCP Antwerp inspelen op de stijgende vraag naar diensten met een toegevoegde waarde voor edelnoten in Antwerpen.

De logistieke capaciteiten van Molenbergnatie enerzijds en de expertise in schoning van NCP Antwerp anderzijds bieden voor de sector een waaier aan mogelijkheden. Wij bereiden ons voor op een volgende fase in onze samenwerking; namelijk het uitbreiden van de schonings-activiteiten en het opzetten van verpakkingswerkzaamheden voor alle edelnoten.

Andere diensten die u een toegevoegde waarde kunnen bieden zijn uiteraard bespreekbaar. Ziet u in deze samenwerking bijkomende kansen in uw voordeel of heeft u vragen, aarzel niet om ons vrijblijvend te contacteren

Internationale groei voor NCP

Met de registratie van NCP Antwerpen (Nuts Cleaning and Packaging) in België zetten we een mooie stap richting internationale groei. Vandaag zijn we begonnen met het schonen en sorteren van pistachenoten voor de Pistachio Alliance. Gefeliciteerd @Bart van de Mierop @Molenbergnatie NV met onze nieuwe samenwerking en @Jason Nissen @The WonderfulCompany, bedankt voor je vertrouwen in onze dienstverlening.